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The name says it all

To help you improve and optimise
your processes, our QM-software delivers a uniquely
flexible quality management system:



Improve has all QM bases covered:
Basic version

  • Customer complaints
  • Internal errors
  • Supplier errors
  • Suggestions
  • Customer surveys
  • Supplier appraisals
  • Training course plan
  • Document control/Processes


  • 8D report
  • Health and safety at work
  • Audit management
  • Measures/costs
  • Employee assessment
  • Inspection devices
  • Risk management
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian
  • Environmental management
  • Knowledge and competences


  • Improve is a highly effective management tool that helps you eliminate the causes of errors.
  • Improve is event-based. Every event, such as an error message, is processed in a continuous structure of logging, decision-making, actioning and improving.
  • Improve is quick and easy to implement and its front-end ease of use means little training is needed.
  • Improve is excellent value for money.


  • Improve has proved its worth in practice with the «ERP + Modern QM Software» model and by taking the place of more cumbersome Excel solutions
  • Multiclient and multilingual – ideal for decentralised working
  • Visual: countless graphs/tables at the click of a button
  • Saves time: produces analyses for all kinds of reports and easy audit preparation
  • Self-explanatory customisation
  • Low-threshold access: readily accepted by staff

Hubert Geisseler

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What our customers say

«Auditors are always amazed how quickly all the information is available and how clearly it is presented.»
Livio Son, RuossTech AG

«You don’t have to search, you just find.» 
Hansueli Flückiger, Flachglas (Schweiz) AG

«Perfect for small businesses.»
Herbert Späni, WSW AG

«As easy as Plug & Play.»
Sandro Carbayo, GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH

«These days we are completely relaxed about errors and turn them into improvements.» 
Martin Waibel, Two Spice AG

«Improve is taking the whole company forward step by step.»
Franz Christ, Thommen-Furler AG