About us

Wide-ranging QM expertise

At Synprovis we have specialised in profitable
quality management for SMEs ever since we
started out in 2002. Our aim: maximum customer
benefit. Our keyword: simplicity.

At Synprovis we have taken a holistic view of the world of quality management right from the word go. «Everything we do is designed to create measurable optimisations for the customer», says CEO Hubert Geisseler.

Our founding principles:

  • Using mistakes and errors as an invaluable source of knowledge for improving processes.
  • Providing the market with specialist software in the form of an efficient business improvement tool.
  • Turning every single error message into an optimisation measure.

Synprovis is always at the cutting edge of developments. We instantly turn new or revised quality standards into modules or new releases.

Such as?

  • The revised standard ISO 9001:2015 on risk management came into effect on 15 September 2015.
  • Our new Improve Risk Management module came out in August 2015!

That’s another reason why manufacturers, service providers and businesses throughout Europe like Synprovis so much.

What our customers say

«We’re bubbling over with good ideas – and Synprovis always comes up with the goods for us.» 
Martin Waibel, Two Spice AG

«Synprovis always takes our functional issues seriously – and promptly too.» 
Patrick Maag, Diener AG 
Precision Machining

«What we particularly like is Synprovis’s excellent price/performance ratio.» 
Fabian Waltz, Vögtlin ­
Instruments GmbH


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